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Current Projects

Current Projects

IATL regularly supports educational innovation across the university and projects that reach beyond the university to participate in national debates and international collaborations.

Please find a short synopsis of some of those projects on this page.

Rethinking Assessment Practices in Higher EducationLink opens in a new window

This project aims to measure assessment literacy related to contemporary assessment practices, develop a tool to measure feedback literacy, identify potential barriers to implementation of effective assessment and feedback among educators; and develop materials for a professional education masterclass on implementing effective assessment and feedback in public health teaching. This project is funded under the Monash-Warwick Alliance.Link opens in a new window

International Conference for Undergraduate Research

ICUR was founded in 2012 and each year supports hundreds of research active undergraduates from Warwick and around the world to share their research from their home institutions.

Open Access Module Understanding WellbeingLink opens in a new window

Funded by the Warwick Innovation Fund, IATL created the Warwick open-access (to all students and staff) online module "Understanding Wellbeing”, based on the correspondent, interdisciplinary IATL in-classroom module.

The module information can be found on the Understanding Wellbeing information pageLink opens in a new window

UCB Inclusive Education ProjectLink opens in a new window

IATL is a collaborative partner in the Inclusion Education project with UCB with funding from WIHEA. This project draws upon inclusive pedagogies developed at IATL, such as Open-space Learning to share practice between HEIs.

This project will bring together teaching and learning communities at University College Birmingham and Warwick to share practice in inclusive education, with a specific focus on co-creative and experiential learning

Positive Pedagogies ProjectLink opens in a new window

IATL contributed to an OfS-funded project, entitled Positive Digital Practices, which involved a collaboration with the University of Warwick, Open University, the University of Bradford, and Student Minds. The University of Warwick (with involvement from IATL), led the positive project pedagogies project, establishing inclusive, compassionate practices in technology-enhanced learning that supported mental well-being.

Royal Birmingham ConservatoireLink opens in a new window

IATL's Science of Music module has been collaborating with the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire since January 2022 to offer students from both institutions a unique experience.