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Project Support

IATL'S Project Support

We have now closed the Project Support application process for the summer.

We will update this page in autumn to advise what funding is available and how to apply.

As a global community, changing circumstances have inspired many of us to reflect more deeply than ever on the importance of cultivating community and imagining possible futures for education. IATL offers the opportunity to apply for project support, including funding, to both students and staff to develop innovative approaches to fostering community and imagining the future of learning at Warwick. Students can also apply for funding to develop research and performances.

How can IATL support you to foster learning and community now,
and to reimagine the future of learning and community at Warwick?

apply here

Apply Here


We have periodic submission deadlines for applications. See the top of this page for further details. We normally aim to notify you of the Review Panel's decision within 10 working days of the panel meeting. However, the turnaround time will be longer for applications submitted outside term times. It may also take longer if you have not provided enough information for the panel to reach an informed decision, so please give as much relevant detail as possible. Please bear in mind that, due to institutional financial processes, it can take a further 14 days for funds to be available to you. This should be reflected in your project start date. Proposed student projects must be completed within 3 months after graduation at the latest, and this should also be reflected in the application.

Key Information
Apply for Project Support

IATL is inviting applications for project support from both students and staff which explore ways of fostering community and reimagining the future of learning at Warwick. Students can also apply for funding for research and performance projects of up to £1500.

Through our project support, we seek to cultivate imaginative responses to current circumstances, and reimagine possible futures for education. We value the knowledge produced by staff and students at Warwick and invite both co-created and student-led applications. We particularly welcome applications that emphasise the sharing of learning and practice developed during the project with the wider Warwick community.

We'd particularly like to receive applications which introduce us to new ideas and practices, as well as ones grounded within our own strategic priorities. We aim to create and support an inclusive, diverse culture of innovation and a community in which we can all flourish. We welcome applications from all members of our Warwick community, and we are excited to learn from you. Please reach out for any support you need through the application process.

What project support can I apply for?

You can apply to IATL for up to £10,000. We encourage co-creation between staff and students for all projects. All projects over £1500 must include co-creation, with both students and staff working together on the project, and should engage with Warwick's Education Strategy. The higher the amount applied for, the more directly we expect projects to engage with Warwick's Education Strategy and priorities. All applications are reviewed by our Project Support Review Panel which includes staff and students.

Please ensure you review our Key Information video (left) and Funding and budget guidance before you apply - both are required.

All applications require supporting statement(s). Requirements depend on whether the project is student-led (up to £1,500) or staff-led/co-led by staff and a student. Please review the requirements on the Project Support application form carefully. We cannot review applications that are missing any required statements or approvals.

Students can lead on applications for up to £1500 for a research or performance project. Student-led proposals require a supporting statement from an academic staff member; details are on the application form.

Students applying for over £1500 must include a staff member as project co-lead, whose home department would administer project funding.

All staff leads and co-leads require approval from their Head of Department (HoD). HoD approval, and support from the PhD supervisor, is also required for all PhD student leads and co-leads. As above, PhD student-led projects may also require a staff co-lead.

Areas in which IATL shares practice include co-creation, interdisciplinarity, cultivating communities of learning, practices of teaching and learning, innovative assessment practices, student as researcher, wellbeing practices and international teaching and learning. You do not need to request funding to apply for IATL project support.

To learn about the types of projects we supported during the last cycle, visit our Supported Projects page.

Looking for inspiration or ideas for your own project? View our Sharing Practice pages for details of all our past projects. All applications will be looked at in line with current COVID-19 guidelines: 

Contact us

Please ensure you review our 'Key Information' video, 'Funding and budget guidance' (both on the left) and information about required approvals on the application form before you apply, since these are all required. You are also strongly encouraged to attend an online information session to discuss your ideas before applying. Email to sign up for the next session. Sessions are generally held monthly during term times.