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Please be aware that while this page is undergoing re-development, our new departmental strategy is available here.

The core business of IATL (The Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning) is to incubate and support pedagogies that engage with interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness, and internationalisation. IATL is mindful of its brief to identify new directions for its work, to innovate, to support innovation by others, and to generate work that is tangible and useful in the academic community at Warwick and beyond.

Enhancing the student experience

IATL seeks to enhance the student experience at Warwick by supporting staff and students in the development of innovative practice in teaching and learning. In practical terms, this means that we fund teaching and learning projects for both staff and students, introduce and host interdisciplinary cross-faculty modules, and run Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research, ICUR and the Student Ensemble.

Spaces, events and support

We maintain a variety of bookable spaces across campus, host termly teaching and learning events, and offer advice and support on teaching and learning to staff and students. IATL's staff possess a variety of academic, administrative, and practice-based expertise, ranging across the faculties – our Director, Dr Nicholas Monk has a PhD in literature; our Senior Teaching Fellow, Jonathan Heron, is a Theatre Director and qualified teacher; and other colleagues have expertise in Social Sciences, Academic Writing, Medieval History, Languages, Technology and the Digital, and Business.


IATL has been instrumental in the development of two specific pedagogies created specifically for use in higher education: Open-space Learning (OSL), and Student-as-Researcher. Our activities are informed by these pedagogies – and by those of many expert colleagues in the wider University – and they provide us with a solid theoretical and practical base from which to create our own projects, and support those of others.

IATL's origins

IATL was formed through the combination of The CAPITAL Centre and The Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research, both Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning funded by HEFCE. The final evaluation reports of both centres are available here: