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Seven Reasons Why You Should Apply for ICUR 2014

In September 2014 there will be a new exciting opportunity to attend a conference devoted to undergraduate research here at the University of Warwick. Presenting your research to an international audience at ICUR 2014 will allow you to develop key transferrable skills for the future and will give your research the audience it deserves.

Have doubts that this opportunity is for you? Taking the step of presenting at a research conference is easier than you think – and here is why:

1. You are already a researcher.

You may well already be doing research here at Warwick:

  • as a component of your degree curriculum
  • within a particular module you are taking
  • as part of a funded project external to the curriculum
  • within the URSS scheme
  • as preparation for your dissertation
  • or as an independent project on a topic you are particularly interested in.

Your contribution may be large, such as a new discovery or a game-changing way of thinking in your discipline. Or it may be more modest, such as an extension of existing ideas that broaden our knowledge or deepen the practice of the field. But, as long as you’re asking questions using the methodologies and analyses of the discipline, it’s “research.”

2. 250 words (or less) is all you need to start.

All you have to do to apply is to submit an abstract of 250 words or less. And we’ve made that even easier for you by providing guidance on how to write an abstract – which you can find here. Abstracts will be assessed and presenters selected after the abstract submission deadline on Friday May 9, 2014.

3. You can choose to present your research in the way you are most comfortable with.

ICUR includes spoken presentation sessions (either to other attendees from Warwick or as part of our international sessions) or poster presentation sessions. You can choose how best to express your work depending on what suits you.

4. Submitting is as easy as filling out this form.

You will also need to include information on five pieces of academic work that are related to your abstract.

5. ICUR is a supportive and collegial environment.

It would be difficult to find a better place to try your hand at presenting your research. We offer support and training before, during and after the event and your fellow attendees are an interested and encouraging community of undergraduate researchers, many of whom will be presenting their work for the first time.

6. Whatever the future holds - these are skills you need.

Conference presenting is not just for those that are looking to do a further degree, or to pursue a career in academia. Most jobs in most industries will involve presentations: to colleagues, to students, to clients, or to fellow professionals in other companies.

7. Anyone can participate.

As long as you are an undergraduate at the University of Warwick, there is a way for you to participate in ICUR. Current final year students are encouraged to apply, as long as they can return to campus for the event on 23rd September, 2014.