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First part

MS.01, Zeemann Building
1:05-1:10 Introduction (by Nicholas Monk, Director of IATL)
1:10-2:05 Jeremy Gray
Non-Euclidean Geometry – a new World out of Nothing
2:10-3:05 Robert Lambourne
Journey into M Space: relativity, space, time and geometry
3:05-3:25 Tea break
3:25-3:45 Mairi Walker
Hyperbolic geometry in the arts
3:45-4:40 Hugo Parlier
From puzzles to moduli spaces
4:45-5-15 Panel discussion
How to communicate science to a general audience
5:15-5:20 Close

Final activity (only available to the first 50 people who registered)

D1.07, Zeemann Building
5:25-6:00 Activity: Exploring Escher's Hyperbolic Tessellations (led by Mairi Walker)
6:00 Light dinner