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Team Demo

Demonstrations used for this course aim to explain complex physical concepts in a non-mathematical way that is accessible for students from all disciplines. We are making full use of the excellent demonstrations already developed for Physics outreach activities, moreover, several new visual aids will be developed specifically for the course. We are working closely with the course curriculum team on this. The most relevant and exciting demonstrations have been selected for use in the lecture theatre (e.g. Doppler effect ball) and for filming. These include explaining waves using Rubens tube, visualising resonance using Chladni plates, showing different harmonics of bass guitar strings, looking at the differenes between the flute and the clarinet, and even smashing wine glass with sound.

Here are some demo videos:

Rubens tube and a singer -Carmen, Seguidille

Rubens tube and cello – chromatic scale


Wave propagation

Counterpropagating waves

Wave reflection of fixed end


Vibration in 2D – Chladni figures


String vibration

Bass guitar string vibration

Electric guitar feedback

Bass guitar timbre





new! first draft of an advert for the course, some permissions are to be obtained

Science of Music


And just for fun Jam session