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Sport, Philosophy and Practice

'Sport, Philosophy and Practice' [SPP] is a project which has explored the gaps and overlaps between philosophy and sport, asked how and where the curricular and extra-curricular intertwine, striven to adapt academic assessment to take into account embodied learning and expression, and reflected on best practice in the creation and development of interdisciplinary and physically active modules.

SPP was conceived in 2011 during a meeting between Dr Jonathan Heron and Philip Gaydon when they discussed 'Open-Space Learning' [OSL] and their interest in sport and exercise. In 2015, SPP began its formal life as a sub-project of The Warwick Handbook of Innovative Teaching and since then has resulted in a one-day gymnasium event, the creation of digital media to be used as teaching and research materials, an interview entry in The Warwick Handbook of Innovative Teaching, a 'Window on Teaching' presentation, an undergraduate module in the autumn term of 2016, and a 'pedagogic intervention' which took students into the local community.

These webpages document some of the project's successes, reflections and outputs: