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Project Support

Project Support

IATL provides funding and support for two types of projects:

The tabs below provide key information about each type of project, required approvals, funding and more. Please review all information before you apply.

Funding call information is below.

Please contact us if you have questions. For projects we have supported recently, visit our ProjectsLink opens in a new window page.

Student Led Projects -

  • We plan to hold one further student funding call this academic year
  • Plans will be confirmed at the start of Term 3
  • If the call is confirmed, students will be able to apply for up to £1,500 for a research or performance project.

Staff Led Projects - our staff-led funding call has closed for 2023/24. We will reopen the scheme for staff calls in the 2024/25 academic year, with details to be confirmed in due course.

Key Project Application Information

We provide funding and support for staff-led projects. All projects need to:

  • relate to teaching and learning at Warwick
  • be relevant to IATL’s strategy: IATL's strategy (
  • include element(s) of innovation and/or incubation.

The higher the amount applied for, the more we expect projects to have a strategic focus and impact:

  • Projects over £1,500 should engage with Warwick's Education Strategy 
  • Higher levels of funding must be matched by increased engagement with the Education Strategy and priorities
  • Strategic projects also need a plan to sustain outcomes after the project ends, supported by an element of the budget.

Staff can apply for up to £10,000 although this level of funding is exceptional.

We encourage student/staff co-creation for all projects, with staff and students working together from the earliest possible stage to develop project ideas, plan activity and outcomes, and carry out work.

All projects over £1,500 must include student/staff co-creation. This includes paying student co-creators for their work.

Ensure you review Funding and Budget Guidance before you apply - it has key information including Unitemps rates and a sample budget that includes Unitemps costs.

Projects also need to share their learning with the wider Warwick community. You do not need to apply for funding to apply to Project Support.

Projects can be co-led by staff and students. The process and requirements are the same as for solely staff-led projects (though PhD student co-leads have additional Approvals Required).

  • For Project Support, PhD students are considered students (rather than staff), including if they are undertaking paid teaching work at Warwick.

Please ensure you review Approvals Required before you apply. Applications missing required approvals after the deadline cannot be considered.

See How to Apply for the timescales that apply once you submit an application.

To learn about staff projects we have supported recently, please visit our ProjectsLink opens in a new window page.

Proposal funding

Staff can also apply for up to £500 to develop a project idea into a full proposal.

The purpose of this funding is to promote student/staff co-creation, and specifically to fund students’ time so they can work with staff to develop project ideas and plans. Student input could be supported through:

The application process, including required approvals, is the same as for other staff-led projects.