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Supported Projects 2020/21

IATL Project Support

From August 2020 to July 2021, IATL supported 23 projects, including 12 led by staff and 11 led by students. Many of these were responding to the particular circumstances of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and all were responding to the question ‘how can IATL support you to foster learning and community now, and to reimagine the future of learning and community at Warwick?’ Below you will find summaries of all projects, and links to find out more about each project.

Please click the title of the project you wish to further explore. You can also read a short description of each project by pressing the "brief description" button.

List of all 23 IATL Supported Project for Academic Year 2020/21

Sustainability Education as a Warwick Core Skills Deborah smith
Students as Co-teachers in Language Learning Studios Zhiyan Guo
Creating a Sense of Community for Mature Students at Warwick Damien Homer
Let Me Tell You a Story Cathy Hampton
Short Mediation Training Course Jane Bryan
Sociology and Creative Writing (Warwick Journal of Sociology) Alexander Smith
Identifying Useful Student Learning Resources Lory Barile
Woodland Tales and Woodland Trails Des Hewitt
Co-Creating Mathematics e-Assessments Siri Chongchitnan
Lived experience: Shaping the next steps of interdisciplinary learning and teaching Leda Mirbahai
Internationalising our Teaching and Learning with Virtual Exchange Leticia Villamediana Gonzalez
From fear to fairness - making sense of academic integrity in the learning community Helen Nolan
Land of Eagles - The Boyfriend Trick (stories of human trafficking victims) Alison Porter
A toolkit to support students undertaking remote placements Annine Ngesang
Sons of Africa Rachel Annor-Agyei
IATL Assessment Exhibition Project Holly Warner
Social Media and Initial Teacher Education Zoe Harrington
Immune System RPG Mert Asal
Maintaining high expectations for pupils with EAL Fionnuala Spicer
Translanguaging within EYFS Francesca Baird
The Queer Line Between Shame and Joy Adebayo Quadry-Adekanbi
Pilot study contributing to novel German language module design: focus on preparation for the Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF) exam Daniela-Emilia Dogaru
Investigating Interdisciplinary in STEM and the Struggle between STEM and Humanities Mia Hall