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Spoken Sessions 2a-2d (at Monash only)

Session A

Women, Marriage, and HIV- The Potential of the Female Condom in Southern Africa
[Related Reinvention Journal article: "Why Men Don't Use Condoms in a HIV Epidemic: Understanding Condom Neglect through Condom Symbology"]
Lucy Farrar, Arts Writing Up Fellow, International Studies, Clayton, Monash University

A Pharmacist-Led Smoking Cessation Program Targeting Pregnant Women and Partners Of Pregnant Women – A Pilot Study
Rachel Vorlander, Pharmacy, Parkville, Monash University

What men know about prostate cancer, symptoms and treatment: a study of men aged 18 and older
Rosemary Sanderson, Medicine, Gippsland, Monash University

Session B

A multi-disciplinary perspective on family-centred care
Melissa Yu, Eka Kristina, and Stefan Batanjski, Psychology, Clayton, Monash University

Session C

A case study of affordability of healthy food for peri-urban Local Government Area
Stephanie Ashby and Bree-Anne Pagonis, Nutrition and Dietetics, Clayton, Monash University

Who’s got the power? Examining the making of the paid maternity leave in Australia
Yan Yan, Politics, Clayton, Monash University

Taking back control in an age of online data controllers: does the Privacy Act or the EU Draft Data Protection Regulation provide better mechanisms for individuals to take control of the information that is shared about them on social networks?
Kathryn Smith, Law, Clayton, Monash University

Session D

Subjective and Objective Properties of Non-Linguistic Sounds
Thomas Burns, Science, Clayton, Monash University

Uri Nation, Misinterpretation (?): A brief analytical study of the difficulties faced when translating nationalist discourse from the Korean language
Adam Zulawnik, Arts Writing Up Fellow, Korean Studies, Clayton, Monash University

Woodstocking: Christopher Small’s Musicking and the 1969 Woodstock Festival
Aaron Silver, Arts Writing Up Fellow, Music, Clayton, Monash University