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Human-animal studies: an interdisciplinary module exploring the role of animals in society

Photo of Amy Kilbride

Amy KilBride

Photo of Deborah Butler

Deborah Butler

The project aims to deliver an undergraduate module on human/animal relations drawing upon academic research from a range of disciplinary perspectives including Life Sciences, Sociology, History, Psychology, English and Political Science. It will explore topics such as, human-animal borders, the moral status of animals, animal behaviour studies and ethology, the pet animal, animals for entertainment and sport, making and consumption of meat, human-animal disease, animal conservation and animals in literature and film. The project adds to the innovative programme of multidisciplinary modules at IATL. The interdisciplinary module content, and the interaction with students from different disciplines, will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in working collaboratively across academic borders. This will be a unique learning experience for students in their study at Warwick.

The module will be convened by Deborah Butler and Amy KilBride. Deborah is a research assistant working for Global Research Project 'Food' and has research interests in interspecies sport and how the use of technology affects human/animal relations. Amy is a research fellow working as a veterinary epidemiologist in Life Sciences focusing on animal health and welfare with a particular interest in farmers' attitudes towards animal welfare and behavioural change interventions.