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Restructuring the interdisciplinary second-year Hellenistic World core module

Photo of Fabienne MarchandThis project aims to reorganise and restructure the 2nd-year team-taught interdisciplinary core module Hellenistic World. This is a very distinctive part of the degree courses offer by the Department of Classics and Ancient History, and also forms a crucial component in the pathways for progression among our students.

The Department benefits from a pool of specialised researchers in various disciplines of Classics (epigraphy, numismatics, archaeology, literature), an ideal environment to foster a research-led learning experience. All fields mentioned above are taught in the Hellenistic World core module, which offers a unique opportunity for students to engage with all these disciplines and to benefit from the expertise of specialists in their own fields. The core module not only introduces students to the methodologies specific to each of these fields, but also invites them to think more globally about the Ancient World.

To strengthen the link between the disciplines, it is planned to produce for the first time as a pilot experience a common learning resources booklet that will enable students to acquire not only a sense of unity of the module and of the Hellenistic period, but also to develop their skills as researchers in each discipline and increase their curiosity for the topic. Assessment will be re-examined, and will focus upon some key skills, both subject-specific and transferable.

Main outcomes of the project:

  • setting up in the long term a core module specifically adapted to the needs of 2nd-year students;
  • increasing coordination and collaboration between module tutors in a team-taught environment;
  • fostering students as researchers;
  • diversifying assessment and developing a research-centred assessment mode.

Dr Fabienne Marchand
is a Research Fellow in Classics (Epigraphy) in the Department of Classics and Ancient History. More information is available on her staff page.

(PDF Document) Resources booklet (Warwick staff and students only)