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Hear All About It

Reactivists logo

‘Hear All About It’ is a performance project curated and executed by students from a variety of disciplines which has the ability to push the boundaries of theatre’s dialogue with contemporary events, challenging the audience, writers, actors and creative team alike.

Reactivists, the newly-formed company behind this project, aims to make responsive, socially conscious performance art that pushes theatre’s capacity to respond to and engage with contemporary society. ‘Hear All About It’ was created to test how responsive theatre could be to the fast-paced nature of the news and daily events by creating bespoke, 20-30 minute weekly performances that directly respond to and engage with news from the week before. In August of 2017, Reactivists took to the stage at Edinburgh Fringe Festival to deliver two performances. The festival was chosen for its reputation to defy convention and open up communication, thus giving the company a platform to engage with, challenge and discuss topical events through the means of theatre.

For further details of Reactivists' aims and performances, please have a read of the final report.