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One Step at a Time

The Breakout is a live TV show which facilitates the launch of new and innovative ideas that have the potential for major social, economic and political impact.

This year The Breakout is helping to develop and launch OSAAT (One Step At A Time), a model of campaigning which says that only if everyone (that is, everyone) is involved in bringing about change in relation to the biggest global issues, can change ever be achieved.

Web-platform for Campaign Collaborations

So far, a range of campaign leaders, experts and innovators participated in The Breakout discussions to develop the OSAAT model. Amongst other key principles, it has been established that a web-platform is needed to facilitate collaboration, communication and decision-making between organisations participating in OSAAT.

Between April and June 2013, The Breakout discussions will feature web-experts and campaign experts who'll focus on the practical development of the OSAAT web platform, how it will function and look. This blue-print design will be implemented through a series of Hackathons (ethical web-coding sessions) that will also be broadcast live.

To help develop the web-platform we are recruiting a team of web-developers who will participate in a series of hackathons round-about Episodes 5, 6 & 7. Their project leader will participate in all the discussions throughout the series, whilst several coders will take part in the episode focused on web-development; which will be in Episode 2. There will be other experts featured during other discussions, like social media experts (Episode 3), who'll help make sure the OSAAT web-platform is making the best use of the web!

At the end of the term, after the hackathons are complete, the Beta web-platform will be introduced and discussed during Episode 9. This will be an opportunity to look at what works well and what needs to be fixed, so that the partner campaign organisations can start using the web-platform for their initiatives.

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The Breakout Story


The Team of The Breakout

Carmen Thong Carmen Thong English Literature Undergraduate, Researcher of The Breakout - OSAAT 

Lorna Khemraz Lorna Khemraz Law Undergraduate, Researcher of The Breakout - OSAAT

Binti Shah Binti Shah English Literature Undergraduate, Marketing Lead of The Breakout - OSAAT

Sholi Loewenthal Sholi Loewenthal, OSAAT Co-ordinator, Show- Host

Kristina Donauskyte Kristina Donauskyte Film with Television Studies Undergraduate, OSAAT Co-ordinator and Producer of The Breakout