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Comparative study of students' civic engagement in heterogeneous and homogenous sociocultural environment: case study of Croatian students

This collaborative research project between the University of Warwick (Jure Jeric) and the University of Zagreb (Luka Roje and Mia Roje), Croatia, has elaborated a novel topic of civic engagement among a student population in different socio-cultural environments. This project was created with following aims:

  • to develop a theoretical framework based on the current literature, which would serve as a starting point of the research.
  • to develop the most appropriate methodology in order to collect reliable and valid data; hence, mixed methodology with qualtitative research as the main method, while qualitative research has been done prior to the main method and posterior to it.
  • to create a standardised questionnaire, which has been empirically tested on a sample of 537 people in order to provide a sophisticated methodological tool for obtaining the valid and comparable data.
  • to conduct an empirical, quantitative research in two different social groups (Croatian students studying in the United Kingdom, and Croatian students studying in Croatia) with a sample size of 100 participants in each group; hence 200 overall.
  • to conduct a preliminary qualitative research, which has been used as guidelines for creating a questionnaire.
  • to conduct follow-up qualitative research, which could additionally explain the most interesting findings, by enabling richer data.
  • to critically analyse the findings and write a research article (in English and Croatian)
  • to contribute to the existing pool of Croatian scientific terminology by providing the most suitable translations for some social phenomenon, which have not been evaluated in Croatian scientific discourse.

Considering the scope of the research, this report focus' on the key project developments, while thorough analysis of the findings will be presented in an upcoming article. Furthermore, the authors have planned to publish the article in an academic journal, so the key findings cannot be presented publicly before being published.