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IATL guidelines for Academic Fellowship and Strategic Grant project reports

As stated in the funding guidelines for staff funding, IATL requires a final project report and a financial statement within one month of the end of the project.

This can be:

(a) A videoed discussion of about an hour with staff and students involved in the project with a one-page summary of the activity, project or research being discussed in the report, and its main outcomes. IATL will arrange the videoing and editing, unless you prefer to make your own arrangements.


(b) A written report of 3-5000 words


(c) A completed IATL questionnaire

In any format the report should be suitable for publication on IATL's website (see notes below) and should be a practical and accessible account of the project, ideally in a "how we did it" style for the general academic reader. These reports are intended to be useful for those wanting either to learn from your particular approach or to implement a similar innovation.

Written or videoed reports (a or b) should cover the following:-

1. Project Title

2. Activities
This is the main section of the report, and its value depends on the level of detail you provide in this section. People interested in taking up an initiative will want to know the details of how a project was carried out, from the initial planning to its implementation – mentioning problems encountered along the way. The who? where? why? what? how? with what result? questions all need addressing in this section. If it was a course, provide details of the level and numbers of students involved. Also use this section to detail the relevant research literature you drew upon in planning or informing this activity.

3. Outcomes
This section will detail the final outcomes of your project, how it was evaluated, and the ways in which its findings are being implemented. Please pay particular attention to the way in which you are sharing the knowledge you have gained with others, both within and beyond your institution. Have you produced materials or tools for others to use? Are you making attempts to "embed" these changes in your department?

4. Implications
What are the wider issues that are raised by your initiative or research that others interested in research-based learning should be thinking about? How might this project affect teaching and learning in your discipline and across the University? Are there policy implications coming out of your work for departmental or institutional practice?

5. Resources
If your work has produced learning and teaching resource materials, please mention them. They might be teaching materials, annotated bibliographies, course outlines, websites, academic bibliographies, or named contacts.

Written reports only:

6. References
If appropriate, provide a list of relevant bibliographic references.

7. Contact details
Please provide details of a named contact person who can provide further information or materials about your project.

8. Supplementary information
If you wish to provide any information in another form, eg. photographs, film, etc., please feel free to do so; however, this is not a requirement.

Reports should be submitted electronically in either Word or rtf file formats to IATL: IATL at warwick dot ac dot uk

Ensuring your report is ready for publication on IATL's website:

Written reports:

  • The report should be in a separate file from your financial statement
  • The title should match that displayed on our website; if it differs, please mention this when you submit the report
  • Inclusion of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. (other than your contact details, mentioned above) should be avoided, unless the people concerned are happy for these to be made public
  • Titles of sections within your report should not appear at the bottom of a page - please insert page breaks where necessary by pressing Ctrl+Enter
  • The report should not contain blank pages, unless this is deliberate
  • Where you need to switch between portrait and landscape orientation within your report (to accommodate a table, for example), you should insert section breaks to achieve this:
    • On the 'Page Layout' tab, in the 'Page Setup' group of tools, click on 'Breaks', then 'Next Page' under 'Section Breaks'
    • Then, still under the 'Page Layout' tab and in the 'Page Setup' group of tools, click on 'Orientation' to change between 'Portrait' and 'Landscape'
    • Repeat this process to switch back to 'Portrait'/'Landscape' as necessary
  • Page numbers should be sequential; if you find they are not, go to the point where they go out of sequence in your document, right-click on the number and select 'Format Page Numbers', select 'Continue from previous section', then click 'OK'.

Video material:

  • If you provide your own video material, it would be helpful if you could export it as an mp4 file (using the H.264 codec) at 640 pixels wide.