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The Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL) works with a freelance theatre technician so that students who have been awarded Student as Producer (Performance) project funding can use theatre lighting and sound equipment for performances in the Humanities Studio. N.B. Only those people who have been awarded IATL Student as Producer (Performance) funding are able to make us of the lighting and sound equipment in this space.

If you have been awarded an IATL Student as Producer (Performance) grant and would like to use theatre lighting, staging or sound equipment during your performance please email IATL's Office Manager (IATL at warwick dot ac dot uk) at least 4 weeks ahead of your performance dates detailing your requirements and providing answers to the questions below:

  1. How do you wish to configure the space? (End on/Thrust/Avenue etc)
  2. Do you require staging blocks or different levels for performance?
  3. What drapes do you require? Will use reveal the brick walls of the studio or the black tabs?
  4. Do you wish to hang set pieces/props from the gantry? Please note all scenery/props must be fire proofed and struck for teaching by the following morning.
  5. Where do you require the control equipment? Will you operate the technical boards from the studio floor? Have you arranged for a member of your team to help operate the show (under supervision)?
  6. Do you require sound? If so is it playback or live? Have you tried using live music instead?
  7. How many sound sources (i.e. mics and PC/MACs) do you require? How will this be operated?
  8. Do you require stage lighting? If so, what type of lighting states (i.e. basic wash/ spot-lights/ colour washes) do you require? Do you require any 'specials' (lighting sources on stage which may need additional planning or ordering)?
  9. Are you using projections? If so do you plan on using the fixed projector or other?
  10. How do you wish to program the lighting desk? Will you use a detailed plot or basic states?
  11. Do you require special effects (i.e. UV/Strobe/Mirror ball)? Please note that these will have to be budgeted for as they are not held by IATL. Some of these will require an additional health and safety check by a professional technician before permission is given.
  12. What is your production schedule (i.e get-in, technical/dress rehearsals, get-out)? We will also need to know dates and times of performances in order to help you publicise the event.

Please note that - for health and safety reasons - under no circumstances are students allowed to access the lighting gantry and so all lighting and sound requirements will need to be put in place by IATL's theatre technician. On receipt of your technical requirements, a quote will be provided and this cost will need to be deducted from your funded project budget.