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This year's Emerge Festival was curated and delivered by Barrel Organ, in partnership with Warwick Arts Centre. Read a festival blog by Eve Allin.

Nothing by Barrel Organ

Tuesday 1 November (Week 5)

15.00 - 17.00 Open 'skills-share' workshop* led by Barrel Organ (Helen Martin Studio)

21.15 – Lucy Grace Performance (WAC Studio)

Wednesday 2 November (Week 5)

18.00 - 19.00 Panel discussion* chaired by Dr Rachel King (National Grid Room):

'What implications does an assembly of people have in political, social and cultural contexts?'

Panelists will include: Professor Jonothan Neelands, Dr Anna Harpin, Jamal Harewood, Ben Kulvichit and Lilith Wozniak.

19.45 - The Community Project: Student Ensemble Performance (HMS)

21.15 – Jamal Harewood Performance (HMS)

Thursday 3 November (Week 5)

19.45 - Josh Coates Performance (WAC Studio)

21.15 - Breach Performance (WAC Studio)

22.15 - Post-show discussion* (WAC Studio):
Join Breach Theatre and Barrel Organ in a conversation about the transition from student theatre to professional practice.

*These events are free and booking is not required.
For further information, please email