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Emerge 2018


picture of performers

30th / 31st October

A two-day festival at Warwick Arts Centre that celebrates and continues to develop the exciting work of Warwick alumni theatre companies (including Barrel Organ, Clown Funeral, Feat. Theatre and Emergency Chorus). Through panels, performances and workshops , Emerge 2018 addresses questions surrounding the complex world we live in today. Where is home? How do we build it? How do we preserve it? GET INVOLVED!

Places at workshops and discussions are free and open to all - registration is not required. Tickets for performances can be booked at Warwick Arts Centre.

BBC Cov & Warwickshire Radio

Listen to Ben and Clara (from Emergency Chorus) talking about the Emerge festival last Thursday.

Click here to listen From 1:44:00 to the end


Tuesday 30th October

4 - 5.45pm – WORKSHOP

Documentary Theatre: Devising based on historical/documentary source materials with Billy Barrett (Breach Theatre)

Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre


The transition from student theatre to professional practice with Barrel Organ, Clown Funeral, Breach Theatre and Jesse Meadows (FellSwoop Theatre, The Wardrobe Ensemble)

Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre


by Barrel Organ
followed by post-show discussion

Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre

Tess is Barrel Organ’s adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. A young woman endures a life full of consequence and repercussion, because of an event which was forced upon her. The story we set out on is already wrapped up and over. But what if it’s not? What happens if we take the reins? Is it possible for a 21st century woman to retell a story written by a 19th century man?


Things We Chose To Save
by Clown Funeral

Warwick Arts Centre Studio

In ten years’ time, we discover a way to record, store and replay memories at will. Editing memories becomes a booming business, and Molly is one of its leading lights. Billie, on the other hand, has no idea what she’s getting into when she decides to sell a memory of her own. Their worlds collide in this thoughtful and funny exploration of how we remember, what we remember, and why.

picture of performers

Wednesday 31st October

4-5.45pm – WORKSHOP

Ensemble theatre practice with Jesse Meadows (FellSwoop Theatre, The Wardrobe Ensemble)

Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre


Coventry, Performance and the City
Moderator: Dr Nese Ceren Tosun
Panelists: Chenine Bhathena (Creative Director, Coventry City of Culture Trust), Prof Nicolas Whybrow (University of Warwick), Dr Natalie Garrett-Brown (Coventry University), Feat. Theatre

Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre


Landscape (1989)
by Emergency Chorus
followed by post-show discussion

Warwick Arts Centre Studio

A razed forest, and two people journeying towards the horizon. One foot in front of the other. Landscape (1989) is an extended epilogue, or a bittersweet finale; a meditation on ecological disaster and narrative endings; a eulogy for a world which feels on the brink of apocalypse, and which has already ended several times over. Seeking a path across the American landscape, through contemporary chaos to either boom or bust, we wonder what to do when there's nowhere left to go.


Apocalypse, Ecology, America: A post-show conversation with:
Dr Myka Tucker-Abramson, Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins, and Dr Nick Lawrence from Warwick’s English and Global Sustainable Development departments

Warwick Arts Centre Studio


The Welcome Revolution by Feat. Theatre

Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre

“There's something about the UK, you don't welcome people.” One woman goes on a mission to make a change, one radical cup of tea at a time. She hosts tea parties around the country, spreading positivity and bringing people together. This time she’s in Coventry.

Following their award-winning debut show, Feat.Theatre return with The Welcome Revolution. This show has been made with and for local communities in response to the divides in our society today. We hope to inspire change, empower audiences and ask urgent questions that affect us locally and globally.

Loaded with optimism and chocolate digestives, this work celebrates community and offers us ways to build connections. Join us for a cuppa and be part of our story, inspired by the people of this city. This is a call to arms with mugs in hand. This is The Welcome Revolution.