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Rethinking Assessment Practices in Higher Education

The overarching aim of the project 'Rethinking Assessment Practices in Higher Education' is to measure assessment literacy related to contemporary assessment practices, identify potential barriers to implementation of effective assessment among educators; and develop materials for a professional education masterclass on implementing effective assessment in public health teaching.

The study will explore lived experiences of public health educators and students from Monash and Warwick universities using a novel Friendship MethodLink opens in a new window Link opens in a new window. The discussions will focus on experiences around assessment in a more open, informal, and authentic manner as prompted by questions but without the presence of the facilitator. The facilitator will access the recording of the conversations only when concluded. Educators and students will be paired with their peers from the other institutions and will have the opportunity to have conversation solely with their peers overseas.

If you would like to know more about the dialogue and the scope of the project, please consult the Explanatory Statement for StaffLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window or the Explanatory Statement for StudentsLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window.

Consent Form for Warwick and Monash Staff and Students

Please proceed to download, print and send your consent form with a handwritten signature to us at: or email Tania Villanueva research officer at