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Tipton Findings


  • Pupils – transition largely not a problem

o   Subject choice viewed positively- but what about the core subjects- differences between high and low ability students?

o   Enjoyed specialist subject areas/ learning- more focused study

o   Preferred the smaller class size- more personal

o   Pupils were concerned before entering yr9 but largely the concerns are gone. Concerns included:

§  Separation from friends

§  Exams/ coursework

o   Pupils felt the need 3yrs for GCSE study because they lacked content knowledge

o   Other pupils worried they had started GCSE too early- are they mature enough?

o   Possible distinction between G+T pupils and low ability students regarding their perceptions of how useful OM was to their KS4 studies. Observations showed there was continuity between OM and KS4 and as such this helped pupils transition e.g. competencies used to guide the subjects

o   Some pupil issues with more didactic teaching styles- timetable and space doesn’t allow for this.

o   How traditional is Tipton’s KS4?

§  Space

§  Length of lessons

§  Teaching styles


  • Teachers-

o   Unfamiliarity with OM/ confusion as to what OM is

o   Concerns over pupils’ lack of content knowledge

o   Lively students- harder to control, raises disciplinary issues- inconsistent discipline from non-OM teachers

o   3 hour lessons-

§  Hard work with lower ability pupils

§  Enjoyable with higher ability pupils

o   Positives-

o   3 hour lessons allow for more work to be done, get deeper into the material and better relationship with pupils

o   Different breed of pupils:

§  More mature

§  More independent

§  More initiative

§  Reflexive learners

§  Competent researchers

o   Teachers were enjoying teaching these pupils for the most part and also enjoyed teaching at the academy