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Meeting Notes

23.08.10 Team Meeting

  • Steiner Schools- Ruth
  • Mixed ability to traditional
  • Kids Respect? Switiching off
  • Read more- notes, Christine notes
  • Readings on curriculum
  • Middle Schools
  • Teaching styles/pedagogy- Floor 4
  • Read online sites- points to notes
  • Do teachers feel “high” respect, curriculums good- but are these the ones students dislike?
  • Curriculum as a barrier?
  • Shared perceptions?
  • Boys struggling?

o   Louder

o   Expected to struggle

o   Same few boys taught by same students- see problem when it doesn’t exist

  • SATS

o   OM lend itself to some subjects?

o   Perception of some better than others

  • Inclusivity this week

o   Gender

o   Disability

o   Engaged

  • Tue- Morning

o   Text page, 2 page of literature review

o   Danny goes through, Uniform

  • IPPR
  • Introduction of Report

o   Outline of Opening Minds

o   What Transition Is

o   What are we doing?

o   When research occurred- methods

  • What have the students been told of OM? Susceptible to leading questions
  • Follow-up from List 

o   Why are you anxious of these things

o   Anxious- exams etc

o   More serious work

o   More mature

§  Why?

§  Because KS4 means something?

  • Aware of changes- what facing

o   More competencies

o   Less

  • Respect?Independence- what does this mean?
  • “practical lessons”
  • What have
  • How have they found it- how different?
  • Lessons more difficult
  • Induction lessons

o   What involves- ironed out issues 

  • GCSE Options

o   Ability

o   Too hard

  • Lingo from Teachers
  • Space- anxiety of new build than anything else- new space- teaching
  • Literature Review

o   Middle School

o   Curriculum Stuff- competencies based

o   Background Noise

o   Referencing Harvard Style

o   Add references to Bibliography page

  • Put up interesting qs on webspace  
  • Endnote web-share folder with partner
  • Access Endnote-create an account-  quick bibliography
  • “Support for Research”
  • Need to work out keywords
  • Ho Hit good record- see how else they’re described
  • Ideas for keywords
  • Mark useful ideas
  • Report- Abstract availiability – BREI, ERC
  • Times Educational Supplement

o   Factiva

o   Curriculum journal- search key journals

  • Tipton- Research, Articles, etc
  • Impact prospectus 2008, WHERE IS 2009/2010?



  • Next Week

o   Fine- tune research questions

o   Methodology

  • Dislike

o   What being taught

o   Or personality

  • Tape- recording for Teachers
  • Notes- off putting

o   Jot down okay?

o   Just remember if no- write down at end of conversation

o   Jot phone- key words

o   Ask each time for pupils “You don’t mind if I take notes..”

o   If asked-tell them           

§  Separation from teachers

§  Your experiences

o   Teachers won’t be happy- I won’t tell you off

  • Warwick Ethics guidelines
  • British Sociology Association
  • Will be put on webspace
  • Head ethics book- chapter. Hammersley and Atkinson- Ethnography, Bulmer
  • Don’t lie unless absolutely necessary for info e.g. criminal gangs
  • Don’t disturb learning

o   Limit outside of calss

o   5 minute window in class

  • Don’t disrupt class

o   Bit going to happen at beginning

o   Write down crying as a response

  • General watching

o   Can’t write down too much

§  Lots of writing

§  Even if half snippet- detail

o   Reporting bk on scene

o   Do visual records follow interviews

  • Conversations with other kinds- record general atmosphere

o   Particular outburst- record

o   Watch what members of sample doing

  • Sift through when typed up
  • If recurring theme- note repetition, but not in detail
  • Type up notes- see key recurrences
  • Books on studies in schools- read methods chapter
  • Presence changes circumstances- not 100% scientific
  • Revert back very quickly over time
  • Open report going back to Lesley
  • Confidentiality- Anonymise in report- Teachers, 12 students- hard not to identify who they are
  • Useful info

o   Neutral way

o   Decision can’t go in- could compromise persons

  • Obvious who they are
  • Happy with transcript?
  • Said what you mean?
  • Do you see things this way?

o   Observed this

o   Felt this

  • Would you agree? Can put in report
  • Write up notes straightaway

o   Notes on webspace

o   Immediately- constant discussion

  • Maybe not found- why at you? Did we not notice?
  • Next week

o   Methods reading

o   Developing Research Question

  • Refer bk to minutes for research questions
  • Put up at webspace- text. Danny will try and answer
  • Kids being kids. Gender. Struggling? Or less engaged? Being dealt with
  • Write down any questions we’d ideally liked to have asked before Term
  • Qs setting and streaming
  • How do these questions help us understand the transition?
  • General stuff. How does it link bk?
  • Ethnography- ethics
  • Low order OM?
  • Easier for children to switch from OM to low- harder to do phyics,
  • 3 yr KS4? Not high status knowledge