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Research Questions

Research questions-

Q. Compare transition for teachers which oppose OM/ don't follow in KS4 with those that seek to continue it.


What advice would you give to Year 8’s about to go into KS4 next year?/ what would you say?

What  were your expectations of KS4?

Are your experiences different?

What are the differences between KS3 and KS4? (sift out general differences)

What was the most difficult change?

What was the easiest change?

Is KS4 different from Key Stage 3? (Opening q for students to identify any problems they might have with new curriculum, followup questions



- Is OM operating as you envisaged?

-What compromises have been made?

-How has OM affected the way you teach KS4? (Do staff continue the ethos of OM in KS4)

-How has OM effected the students you teach? (Positive/Negative, are they prepared?)

-Do students have a deep enough understanding of their material? (If Staff express reservations of preparedness)

-How do this years students compare with previous years? (Again, opportunity for positive/negative comparison, to be followed up with student perception)




  • How was your relationship with your teachers under OM?
  • How is your relationship with your teachers now?
  • (Did you feel respected under OM? Do you feel respected now?)
  • How did you feel about learning under OM? Did you understand what your learning was about?
  • How do you feel about learning now? Do you understand what you are learning about?