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research questions

Research Questions:


How do you feel about attending this school?

Are you happy to be back for a new year?

Has your attitude changed now you have started GCSEs?

What would you like to do when you finish school?

What do you think the point of school is?


Do you miss anything about Opening Minds?

What skills did you learn from Opening Minds that you use in your everyday life?

Do you prefer your teachers now or when you were doing Opening Minds? Why?


Is there anything different about the way you are taught now? How do you feel about it?

What are you looking forward to about this year?

What are you worried about?



How do you feel about working at RSA Tipton?

How does it compare to other schools you have worked at?

Do you have high expectations of the children?

How do you feel about the Opening minds programme?

Would you change anything for the new children coming through the school?

Is there consensus amongst the staff about the Opening Minds programme?

Did certain groups of children respond better to Opening Minds than others? (Boys/girls?)

What problems did you anticipate would happen with the transition to key stage 4? Have they been confirmed?

Have you changed your style of teaching now it is Key Stage 4?

What do you think the point of education is? Does RSA Tipton fulfil this?