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Archived Reports

The Ensemble Review

Ensemble ReviewOver the course of a year and a sustained period of analysis, the (PDF Document) Ensemble Review developed an evaluation of inter/trans-disciplinary projects and an audit of the current membership and alumni of the IATL Student Ensemble. The review also reflected upon the journey from the Fail Better residency (2008) to the FellSwoop project (2013), across five years of work. In the true spirit of the Ensemble, the review was a co-authored and multi-vocal response, and whilst it is necessarily a work-in-progress as the Ensemble continues to evolve and flourish, it documents the group’s identity in 2014.

Building Bridges for Education for Sustainability

Building Bridges for Education for Sustainability image(PDF Document) Building Bridges for Education for Sustainability: 2013 Report for the Development of Education for Sustainability through the Monash-Warwick Alliance

This report, by Dr Ria Dunkley, presents findings from a research project that focused on the potential to expand Education for Sustainability (EfS) related activities at Monash and Warwick Universities, through the Monash-Warwick Alliance. The report is informed by interviews with university stakeholders, including academics, support staff, senior management and students. Findings are placed within a wider context through a review of the current EfS literature.

Quality Teaching Spaces: The Refurbishment of the Ramphal Building 2012

In November 2011 IATL and the Space Management and Timetabling Team were awarded £1,000,000 from the University's Capital Investment Fund (CIF) to refurbish teaching rooms in the Ramphal building. A research project to evaluate the success of the refurbishment was carried out in January-March 2013; follow the link above for the report.

Video summary of research findings: