Executive Summary


I am applying for an academic fellowship to facilitate the roll-out of the podcast assessment (piloted in 2015/16 through an IATL pedagogic intervention grant) to the full Law and Disorder module, to make the assessmen tsustainable into the future and to kick start a public-facing student-produced podcast series entitled Orders in Decay.The pilot program in 2015/16 funded seven undergraduates taking Law and Disorder to produce a podcast as part of their assessment. Storyworks-UK were brought in to provide specialist training seminars which supported the development of the necessary skills(alternative ways of thinking about narrative, interviewing skills and digital editing techniques). The program was a great success, with students later writing that it was a transformative experience.

The fellowship would pay for Storyworks UK to return to run a more developed set of seminars forall of this year’s students.The law school has kindly reorganised my teaching, which leaves me in a position to undertake the significant extra work necessary to publish the podcasts as a series. This includes creating a website, organising an internal ethics process with the School’s ethics officer,producing guidelines and monitoring IP and data protection. It also allows me time to take part in the Storyworks seminars and produce a podcast myself.This will allow me to understand the process more intimately, and enable me to better teach these training seminars in future years. The module will be in term 2, but the project would run from term 1 to the beginning of term 3 of 2017/18.