Executive Summary

We are proposing to offer four training sessions, comprising of two sets of linked sessions for staff in producing and editing digital videos for use in the classroom practice as well as for marketing purposes.

The structure of the training will be as follows

  • A 3 hour session on how to produce a short film/video effectively (workshop A)
  • A 3 hour session on how to edit the final video for publication on Sitebuilder (workshop B)

We intend to offer the training in this format to engage with as many staff as possible, through short and easily accessible sessions.


  1. To provide staff with key skills and the knowledge required to make our courses more distinctive.
  2. To enhance the student experience by using media technologies in the delivery of course material.
  3. To engage staff and students in collaborative work in using media technologies in their teaching and learning.
  4. To provide an opportunity for staff and students to reflect on their methods of learning and teaching.
  5. To be able to promote our courses more effectively to our external audience by being able to offer up to date promotional videos which can be changed regularly on the Institute’s website.
  6. To be able to achieve more flexibility in producing student profiles as a marketing tool, reducing the need to rely on external company’s availability.
  7. To reduce marketing costs.
  8. To build more media expertise within the department so that staff are more confident in using up to date media equipment.

How many students will the project reach?

We expect that the project has the potential to reach over 1000 students and prospective students (including international students) over a period of 12 months.