Executive Summary

Though a series of interactive workshops/events, we are hoping to explore the idea of students being able to tell their story confidently and authentically in interactions with employers.

Innovation – We have developed an innovative delivery model which involves the following stages:

  • Employers interview student actors for a graduate job.
  • Employers deliver feedback to student actors in a discussion with student audience observing.
  • Student audience is split into groups and they coach the student actors in a masterclass-style format.
  • Interviews are re-run and the student audience then vote on which student actors should be hired into the position.
  • Post session learning from student coaches, student actors, employers and student audience is filmed and in order to shape delivery and content of future sessions.

This format will allow in depth exploration of elements such as:

  • Open-space learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Student as producer/explorer/researcher

The other innovative aspect to this project is that the Developmental Workshops will enable students to be integral to the development of the Live Interviews Masterclass sessions.

Interdisciplinary – Students from all departments would be able to attend the workshops and gain insights into students from other disciplines through their being a range of shared student departmental experiences.

Inclusiveness – There is potential within the project to explore cultural expectations, disability and widening participation issues within the interview scenarios. These areas all have a specific lead individual within Student Careers & Skills and their advice would be gained to help shape relevant interview scenarios.

Internationalisation – We have discussed our plans with Jonny Heron for an exploratory event, “Finalists Get Hired” where a large portion of the audience will be international students. We expect the audience/participants and possibly the student actor ensemble to draw from international students.

As we plan to employ a drama practitioner to work with a student ensemble during the project, we will be able to integrate the student voice and feedback into the development of our events.