Executive Summary

This project is a ‘one-of’ event which brings together academics and support staff from Warwick and other institutions to a one day workshop which focuses on student induction. The national Student Induction Workshop (NSIW) will comprise of a number of presentations which share innovative practice, and some interactive workshops which explore key induction themes. The event will allow participants to share good practice and reflect on their own approaches to various aspects of the induction experience.

We believe this is rather a unique event and we could not find many more examples around the UK of an event focussing on this important aspect of a student’s experience at University.

We anticipate that this funding will help us to achieve some form of longevity for this event. We hope this will become an annual event and one which will steadily gain a greater impetus in terms of becoming a venue at which national research relating to student induction can be presented and ultimately published.

The event itself is centred around working with staff in a CPD context stimulate improvement and innovation in the methods that they engage with students from pre-arrival throughout the first year of undergraduate study.

The event has received support from the HEA who recognise the value of the event. This support includes a £500 funding award, notification of the event through their website and communication channels and they are handling the registration of non-Warwick staff.