Executive Summary

What do you want your project to achieve?

The production of two dimensional, smaller three dimensional art works that will be exhibited permanently within CLL, generating a stimulating creative environment. This will generate interest, enhance the current environment, represent the department as more reflective of both the courses it offers (social work, counselling, two plus two degrees) and reflect the social work in which we all inhabit.

How many students will your project reach?

The project will reach over 80 social work students, over 50 counselling students and all other students and staff that access the CLL centre. Students of social work will be encouraged to participate in the collaborative production of the art works with survivor artists from Arty Folks, (although this element compliments the production of the art works)

Which stakeholders will you involve?

As this project is a follow on from an interactive learning experience delivered by Social Work academic staff and survivor artist from Arty Folks in October 2015, students have been involved in the project from its inception. The pilot project (October 2015) involved 40 first year Master students collaborating with survivor artists/ service users to create temporary outdoor installations using arrange of materials. The project formed part of the skills days for students and involved problem solving, task focussed and solution focussed approaches, all within a collaborative learning environment. The feedback from this event from participant students and service users was positive, with excellent learning opportunities to take forward.

What is the intended legacy of your project?

A permanent exhibition of art works that stimulates debate, adds to the creation of a learning environment that reflects the courses that are delivered in the building, and a resource that is used as a learning tool.