Executive Summary

The project as outlined in the following section offers a unique opportunity to 2nd year undergraduate students in Theatre and Performance Studies to link their learning within the context of a course module to the real world of arts practice, in particular: administration, programming, marketing, curation, organisation, planning and performance. It places them in a particular role wherein they will have active responsibilities in the promotion and running of the major event in question, while simultaneously benefiting as spectators from the inspiring content of its programme in a way that relates directly to the module’s interdisciplinary syllabus. The event in question, the Fierce Festival of Live Art and Performance, will expose the students to a wide range of highly innovative practices involving an international programme of artists and performers presenting work in diverse in situ locations. As such it will represent a rich learning resource for the module in question which will serve the students in terms of the theoretical discourse underpinning the module and their own assessed making projects. In giving them an integrated role it also affords students the opportunity to prepare for possible careers in the arts in the various capacities listed above.