Executive Summary

What do you want your project to achieve?

  1. Students will gain a deeper understanding of what in their academic thinking and writing is valued by the academy by becoming intimately involved in negotiating meanings associated with module assessment criteria and applying them to the work of peers taking part in online discussion forums, for 15% of the module mark.
  2. Module leader will gain understanding of the pedagogic research and literature which supports the value of this learning intervention and methodology.
  3. Project leader will present a critical account of the intervention as supporting evidence to be professionally assessed as a Chartered Educational Assessor with the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors.

How many students will your project reach?

In 2010-11, 194 first-year BSc Accounting and Finance students will be directly involved. Similar numbers of BSc Accounting and Finance students who study this core first-year module in future academic years will benefit from changes in practice which are subsequently implemented.