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The Global South Initiative Conference

Project Aim

The Conference aim was to reconnect knowledges from the Global South as part of a process to achieve equality, promoting non- hierarchical environment and providing a platform for voices from the Global South to lead the discussion on issues surrounding positionalities and knowledge production.

Speaker and audience at GSI conference

What was the most exciting part of your project?

The audience engagement, which started from the opening session, was fantastic, with undergraduates, postgraduates, junior and senior academics demonstrating their engagement with the space and issues in the Conference.

What did co-creation look like in your project?

The Conference provided a platform for UK-based and international researchers, including Global South researchers, activists, and artists to share and improve their projects through collaborative knowledge-generation and knowledge-sharing. In addition to working with a variety of partners, such as WICID, Queer Asia, and Colonial Hangover, we also provided a space for undergraduate-led discussion.

What is your biggest learning from this project?

We are capable of doing large projects successfully, but need to be aware of the limitations of time and university procedures to manage expenditure and perform administrative duties, as students without administrative support.

What did IATL’s support mean to you?

IATL was the biggest funder of the Conference and allowed us to create that welcoming space for over 100 participants, bring in authentic voices from the Global South, conduct a varied, multi-disciplinary programme AND compensate people for their labour as part of the project team.

audience at the GSI conference
GSI conference participants