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Identifying Useful Student Learning Resources

The move to blended learning provides a great opportunity to identify which
learning resources students value most highly. In the proposed study we intend
to use data from Moodle to identify which learning resources students use most
frequently. Since the move to blended learning students have had to rely more
on online resources provided, for example asynchronous lecture recordings.
There are also learning resources that were previously provided via Moodle and
continue to be provided in this way, such as Discussion Forums. This project
offers an opportunity to compare students’ use of learning resources provided
via Moodle in the 2019/2020 academic year prior to the shift to blended learning,
with their use of Moodle learning resources in the 2020/2021 academic year,
considering both whether learning materials that were already provided on
Moodle have been used more in the current academic year, plus the take up of
new learning resources that have been uploaded to module Moodle pages this
year. By considering the learning resources that students choose to look at we
are adopting a Revealed Preference Approach whereby we assume that the
resources students use provide a good indication of the resources that they value
most highly.

Lory Barile

Lory Barile

Caroline Elliot

Caroline Elliott