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Debating Democracy and Imperialism in Classical Athens

Photo of Michael ScottThis Academic Fellowship aims to lay the ground work for a reliable method of recording and judging student contributions throughout a course as part of their final mark. It does this through inviting students to participate in and comment on a series of discussion forums: first through a trip to the British Museum, second through discussions seminars with visiting scholars and third through a video-conference debate with students at Monash University. Focused around these events, the students will be asked to record their thoughts and comments on a Warwick blog, which will build a database of their securely attributable contributions throughout the academic year.

Dr Michael Scott (, @drmichaelcscott) is an Associate Professor in Classics and Ancient History, and teaches a range of modules at both undergraduate and graduate level. He is also committed to communicating Classics to a wider audience through books, TV and radio documentaries and talks.

Final report