Executive Summary

This project will seek to create an innovative teaching and learning manual of practice and online resource that offers non-prescriptive theoretical frameworks, case-studies from around the university, analysis of innovative assessed work, and results of interviews and focus groups with staff and students at all levels. These will be disseminated to the university as a whole with the hope of having a large-scale impact upon current teaching and learning and becoming embedded in the training and resources available to those providing or engaging with innovative teaching and learning at the university.

Potential chapter or section headings might include:

  • Module Case Studies from Around the University
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Open-Space Learning
  • Technological Innovation and the Role of Technology
  • Community Partnerships
  • Warwick Innovation on the International Stage
  • Reinventing the Classroom
  • Ecopedagogy
  • Assessment in an Innovative Age
  • At the Heart of it all (I): Student Experiences
  • At the Heart of it all (II): Teacher Experiences
  • At the Heart of it all (III): Wider Staff Experiences
  • The Extra-Curricular
  • Building an Innovative Module: Philosophy of Sport

The project would seek to achieve something more than somewhat comparable attempts such as the Teaching Grid’s WIT database, the OSL website, LDC’s past journal Interactions, and casestudy collections like Palgrave’s For the Love of Learning (2013) (a collection of essays from National Teaching Fellows which Warwick’s Will Curtis contributed to). The online resource would seek to achieve larger footfall, the collection to offer more critical and theoretical analysis with a specific emphasis on professional development, both will seek to include a much more thorough reflection of and on the student experience, and the project as a whole would attempt to engage more actively with its intended audience to result in a more interactive and coherent innovative community within the university. Indeed, discussions would be sought with people involved in these other projects to see how this strategic project could learn from them in order to achieve its results.