Executive Summary

What do you want your project to achieve?

Our project aims at producing a resource to support the teaching and learning of theory in social research.

How many students will your project reach?

The project is aimed at all research students in the faculty of social science (n= 700+) but will be particularly useful for those undertaking DTC core training (n= 40) and training in individual departments, as an example CES (n= 15).

Which stakeholders will you involve? (Projects are normally expected to engage students at all stages.)

Students are engaged through their participation in the student research design team, through the opportunities they have to contribute to user panels and providing feedback on the resource itself.

What is the intended legacy of your project?

A resource that can be used and re used in both self-supported and f2f contexts in successive years. A model of collaborative design.

What support do you need?

Funding to support the work of the student research team. The loan of equipment such as cameras, software for multi media editing.