Executive Summary

Lacuna is an on-line multimedia magazine that curates and displays innovative content relating to the study and promotion of human rights (see www.lacuna.org.uk). It was established by the Centre for Human Rights in Practice in order to provide a forum for encouraging and developing creative methods of knowledge dissemination. It commissions and publishes the highest quality writing/expression on human rights related topics and includes fiction, non-fiction, reports, videos and other content.

The project engages students, staff and a range of communities beyond the university to participate in a completely new way of thinking, learning, and writing about human rights. It provides a platform for students to engage with staff, human rights practitioners, campaigners, civil society groups, artists and others in a completely different and radically more empowering way.

The successful construction and launch of Lacuna was funded in part by an IATL award in 2013. As a result of this achievement significant opportunities for developing the Writing Wrongs and Lacuna project have materialised. It is in relation to these opportunities that new funding is sought.

The Project now aims to introduce a new strategy to complement Lacuna by:

  • enhancing the Warwick student engagement across disciplines
  • develop student skills of writing and multi-media production of the highest quality
  • expand student engagement at an international level
  • improve student employability through direct experience and learning