Executive Summary

It is expected that the project will:

  • Enable all participants to gain an understanding of teaching and learning practices, leading to an appreciation of the ways in which different roles contribute to the delivery and support of teaching and learning;
  • Provide an opportunity for all staff to develop skills by translating key teaching and learning into administrative practices;
  • Facilitate an engagement with and therefore improvement of student experience;
  • Offer an opportunity to reflect on one's own practices in order to recognise methodologies, processes and approaches to one's role that are successful;
  • Provide an opportunity for collaboration with colleagues from across the institution, in which participants act across traditional professional groups thus breaking down traditional barriers through peer learning.

These aims will be fulfilled through a bespoke programme of training and development events. This framework of events will build on the existing provision of workshops offered by the Learning Development Centre as well as offering a suite of new sessions. For example, participants will be encouraged to attend/participate in the Faculty and institutional Teaching and Learning Showcases as well as attending new skills sessions developed specifically for the project. Each event will focus on supporting staff to develop evidence for an accreditation portfolio, beginning with an introductory workshop, a discussion session and then a selection of workshops based on participants' individual needs.