Executive Summary

It aims to mentor post-graduate teaching in a subject-specific context for UGs so that PGs understand how aspects of their research may be selected and structured to share in innovative ways that make the material accessible and encourage active and performative participation by learners, and teachers.

It will analyse how researchers can develop their research through practice (academic performance lecture, workshop, an immersive experience) in an ethical way, which will in turn enhance modules with which they engage.

At the same time, we want these sessions to highlight PG research to UG students, who do not seem to have a strong sense of what post-graduate study means. In this way we hope this project will be a pilot for future years, to recruit more MA and PhD students.

We have 10 M.Phil/PhD students that are willing to engage with this project, and staff willing to have them give session in appropriate modules across the three years of the UG programme. Yvette Hutchison (Director of Graduate Studies) and Jonny Heron (IATL Senior Teaching Fellow) will run training session with the PGR students. In term 1 they will suggests ways in which PGR students can translate and communicate their research in ways that extend traditional seminar discussions to enhance more open space modes of learning and teaching to explore figurative, embodied exploration of abstract concepts, what is a performance lecture, how can teaching be made more immersive.

In term 2 students will work in pairs and thus engage in peer mentoring: observe each other’s planning and teaching in 2-3 hour sessions.

In term 3 we will run a session on observation and professional peer-to-peer feedback, as part of their professional development portfolio. We hope this will be the pilot for the department can develop an ongoing model for linking PG training and teaching to the UG programme; and something that could be rolled out in other departments of the faculty.