Executive Summary

This project will develop teaching and learning on the MA module 'IE922 Drama for Creative Learning'.

It offers an in-depth opportunity to a cohort of 13 MA students to work with up to 60 primary school students and 25 secondary school students.

It aims to provide MA students with a teaching and learning experience that enables them to investigate ‘creative learning’ in practice.

Through processes of participant-observation and critical reflection, the project will develop their understanding of the ways drama can be used as a form of creative learning. In collaboration with the project’s leaders, the students will produce a scheme of work that will be disseminated for future reference.

The MA students and school children will explore the ways 'local history' can be explored through drama-based learning.

The head teacher from the Primary school is a leading creative arts practitioner (Tandy & Howell, 2008; 2008; 2010) and has agreed to co-design and co-lead these sessions.

They will be encouraged to keep a 'reflective journal' throughout the process to document the development of the work.

The process will result in a series of teaching materials that could be presented as a booklet, DVD resources i.e. teaching material that could be used in other contexts or repeated with other year groups.