Executive Summary

This project will investigate, through workshops, seminars, discussions and innovative experimental teaching events, the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary teaching and student-based research around the themes of gender and sexuality. The activities will produce pedagogic outcomes in relation to interdisciplinary; research-based learning; practice-based student research; student placements; internationalism; and assessment.

The project will produce at least one, possibly two interdisciplinary taught MA modules which could be available to all MA students in the University. These would build on the principles of the University’s commitment to developing interdisciplinary curricula and pedagogy. This part of the project would also assess the viability of the modules in terms of potential recruitment. These distinctive and highly attractive MA modules, once established, would provide the basis for an interdisciplinary MA programme.

There will be two key outcomes:

  • Project documentation (in the form of reports, audio and visual recording etc.) will be collated throughout the process and uploaded onto a dedicated website linked to CSWG. This documentation will provide information on the intellectual and practical benefits, challenges and logistics of interdisciplinary work at postgraduate level and will document pedagogic and assessment innovative practice which will inform wider (and future) University developments
  • Viable MA module/s. Subject to approval, these would be offered from September 2014.