Executive Summary

The Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) has internationally leading expertise in the application of technology to delivering healthcare outcomes. In November 2013, IDH was re-structured and re-organised. Following significant investment in staffing, IDH now comprises a new, exciting combination of academic excellence and applied healthcare expertise. The core team is interdisciplinary; encompassing biomedical, systems, software and electronic engineers, medics and behavioural scientists. A critically important element of the new IDH is the vision to deliver innovative, world-leading, evidence-based education programmes via e-Learning. This will distinguish IDH programmes from competitors, open up markets overseas (negating travel and visa issues) and cater for learners in full-time employment (e.g., clinical staff, school teachers and industry-based staff). There will be three tranches of activity; MSc taught programmes; MRes; and Professional and Executive Programmes. Strategic funding is requested to facilitate development of resources and pilot delivery of these three areas of activity.

Project Goals

  • To scope and develop a protocol for delivering digital learning that is world-class; incorporating content that is not only academically excellent, but also active, interactive, responsive and engaging.
  • To scope best-practice video capture of the required materials and identify best portal for delivery.
  • To train staff involved in the delivery of modules.
  • To deliver and capture content for two Professional and Executive Programmes (Advanced Practitioner Training; Clinical Systems Risk Management). These will be delivered in collaboration with WMS and Coventry and Warwickshire Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • To evaluate success of the courses (student / staff feedback).
  • To disseminate best-practice model across wider university context.


These courses will reach a diverse group of learners; including medical staff (from Consultants to nurses and medical technicians); and healthcare managers The first PEP courses will run in April 2015, it is envisaged, at this pilot stage, that there will be 5 delegates on each course, rising to 10 in the following round of delivery. It is anticipated that these numbers will grow year on year. Given the accessibility and the nature of the courses (fulfilling identified need), there is every reason to conservatively anticipate that we will recruit 100+ students on our PEPs within three years. As industry and NHS need changes, the courses will be tweaked appropriately and we will work hard to develop new PEPs in response to the changing healthcare environment.