Executive Summary

This project is designed to further develop and inform the idea of research-led teaching through a collaboration between IAS and IATL. IAS and IATL will appoint a joint IAS / IATL Fellow who will be expected to develop their research and teaching career by writing research publications, conference papers, creating workshops and/or modules, and making job applications and postdoctoral fellowship/grant proposals. The Fellow will be expected to engage with the interdisciplinary activities of both IATL and the IAS. The Fellow will be expected to participate in a number of activities at the IAS and Warwick Graduate School / Wolfson Research Exchange, work with the (Learning and Development Centre) LDC on HEA Fellowship, and shadow a Teaching Fellow at IATL for certain activities.

During the project the Fellow will be asked to run a research-led teaching and learning workshop or symposium on campus. This workshop will either be focused on skills development or be subject-based, depending on the interests of the Fellow.

The Fellow will be expected to participate in the Academic Careers and Employment (ACE) programme, convened by the IAS Director. They will maintain an ePortfolio, and contribute to the IAS’s web-based resources for early career researchers, and IATL’s resources for early career teachers.

The project will support a PhD candidate at the University of Warwick, through a Fellowship, whose thesis is under examination and who is in the transition phase between their doctoral and postdoctoral careers. IAS will contribute the same funding as that allocated by IATL, in order to ensure the Fellowship project is a fully shared initiative.

The number of students the project will reach is hard to determine, but IATL modules recruit between 5 and 60. Presentations at T & L showcases involve undergraduates, and at a secondary level of dissemination we would hope that the resources created by the Fellow would be taken up by numerous academics and built into their curriculums.