The principle aim of this project is to establish a new academic journal to promote research informed teaching and learning strategies, capture some of the practitioner-research that is occurring within our community and disseminate best practice among school teachers, teacher educator staff at the University of Warwick and, of course, the students themselves. There has been a drive, in recent years, for teaching to become a more evidence-based profession and CPE intends to support its network of partner schools in realising this vision.

Developing a culture of research within schools is essential to facilitating PGCE students being research-engaged and increases the chances that those individuals continue to utilise a critical, evidence-based approach throughout their teaching careers - possibly even electing to return to Higher Education for further study in the future.

CPE works with in excess of 100 schools around Coventry and the West Midlands. Each year these schools collectively provide teaching placements for over 300 trainee teachers (Warwick students studying for their PGCE in Secondary, Primary or Early Years) and approximately 60 undergraduate students undertaking the "Warwick in Schools" programme.

It is essential that school partners are able to keep up to date with the latest research and trends in education, in order to deliver a cutting-edge learning experience for Warwick trainees as well as improve the standard of education for their own pupils. However, it can sometimes be difficult for busy professionals to engage with academic literature and so CPE seeks to establish itself as the vehicle to mobilise school partners and improve accessibility to good quality evidence-based research.