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Reimagining the University

Photo of Chris Maughan'Reimagining the University' provides an opportunity to explore the past, present and future of democratic participation in the shaping of the modern university. The course will make substantial reference to various universities around the world in each workshop. Students taking this module will gain an understanding of the politics of the public university and their options for realising their agency within it.

Students will learn to appreciate the decisions made by universities as political in the first instance. Students will gain an increased understanding of the models of governance that direct university policy and the various groups that seek to influence them. Students will develop key research skills via a project that will require they source and critically engage a variety of media ranging from policy documents, to prospecti, to activist polemics. In this regard students will be introduced to the fundamentals of archival research using materials held at Warwick's Modern Records Centre. This project will further introduce students to the variety of ways in which public universities may be democratically interacted with.

Chris Maughan is a doctoral researcher in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies. His current research concerns the representation of environmental activism in contemporary literature and film. During his university career, he has been directly involved in a variety of student campaign groups, across a number of different institutions.