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Vinegar Tom


'I'm not a witch. But I wish I was'. In 17th century England, the signs of witchcraft blight the land. Cattle are dying, butter won't churn and the infidelities of men cause their private to wither. Who's to blame? The woman of course - the young unmarried mother, the beggar woman, the wise crone, the women that no man loves nor wants. Expect black comedy and Brecht set to an origional soundtrack of funk and punk as WUDS revives Caryl Churchill's classic feminist play for the modern age.

This summer, Warwick University Drama Society will be performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in C Nova Studio 1 from July 31st - August 13th at 7.10pm daily. This is a huge step forward in terms of raising the society's profile and is the first chance for many of the cast and team to work in a more professional capacity, as they hope to do upon graduating.