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Bread and Mustard

Bread and Mustard is a piece of new writing exploring the ethics of scientific discovery, and the role of a scientist during times of war. The play is based on the life of Fritz Haber, spanning 30 years in the lives of his family and friends. It examines both the positive and negative effect that driving forces such as warfare can have on scientific discovery.

Being that the script is based on the life of a Chemistry professor, it contains a certain amount of scientific content. Much of the challenge involved with this project will be presenting complex scientific concepts in entertaining ways, without having to overly simplify them. To this end, the project will be produced as a collaboration between Oliver Higgins (as writer) and Ellice Stevens (as director), who study Chemistry and Theatre studies respectively.




For further information about this project or to see a copy of the script, please email the writer and project lead Oliver Higgins: OliverHiggins93 at hotmail dot co dot uk