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What Will Survive of Us


‘You know, I sometimes think I’m still twenty one, sitting on the sofa in our old flat. The kitchen surfaces are covered in dirty plates and wine glasses, there’re ash trays on the floor, and I’m sitting there, sleeping, having some sort of premonition, watching how my life could turn out if I fuck it up. You know? I’ll wake up any minute now.’

Once an aspiring playwright, Mick’s day job now consists of creating catchy dialogue for loquacious dogs in Insurance adverts. So, when given one last chance at the career he was meant to have, with Anna, the woman he was meant to have it with, Mick is quick to try his hand at writing for the stage once more.

An opportunity offered by that one ‘friend’ who seems to possess all he longs for, both in their professional and personal lives, our protagonist is faced with some difficult questions regarding what exactly success means to him - critical acclaim or the trust and dedication of the woman he has passionately loved for twenty years.

‘What Will Survive of Us’ is a new play written and directed by Tom Fowler. Inspired by the work of Harold Pinter and Tom Stoppard, the play subverts conventions of form and structure in order to tell a pertinent, relatable story in a fresh and original fashion.

Performances will be held on Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th November 2012
From 7.30pm
CAPITAL Studio, Millburn House



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