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The Short Plays

Performing the Short Plays

The videos below show the three short pieces by the young writers who took part in ‘Not My Fault’. By clicking on the image for each play you can watch the full performance

Life in Ben’s World by Sophie Macdonald
A three-hander devised as a site-specific piece for the Mediterranean Biome at Eden: specifically the grape vines, as the three characters are grape pickers. 18-year-old Ben (Jonathan Smith) is the youngest of the three; the other two, Robin (Emma Bown) and Joe (Timothy Block), are in their late thirties and sixties respectively. The piece revolves around Ben’s fantasy of a world where genetic engineering is used to ensure that no one gets old.

Length: 09:21
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Caroline by Jack Redmond
A monologue by a woman who has repeatedly attempted to kill herself, this is a dark piece exploring bipolar disorder, suicide, and the possible genetic link (as her father also committed suicide). It was compellingly performed by Sarah Kameela Impey. At Eden, this play was performed as ‘guerrilla theatre’ with Sarah beginning to speak as she sat on a wall in the Mediterranean Biome.

Length: 09:13
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Perfect Match by Kitty O’Keeffe
A comic play starring ‘PM’, a machine which assesses people’s romantic compatibility by analysing their genes, plus Emma Bown as mad scientist Dr Liebe, Jonathan Smith as lovelorn Welshman Harry, and Sarah Kameela Impey as mad Barry Manilow fan Mary.

Length: 10:55
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Scenes in Rehearsal

The Eden Project, 16 November 2010
Life in Ben's World

The Eden Project, 16 November 2010

The Eden Project, 16 November 2010
Perfect Match

Lost Gardens of Heligan, 19 November 2010
Perfect Match



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